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Land Buying Checklist

When choosing a site for your new home, there are many things to consider.  This checklist will help you be prepared and understand what to look for in your careful consideration of property.  Remember there are no perfect building sites, most will require some type of improvements.  The goal is to minimize the additional cost.

  • What size is the lot?  Will the house style selected fit on the property? (check deed restrictions)
  • Property should be surveyed by property seller (all 4 property pins in and visible)
  • Has property been approved for septic or is city sewer available?
  • Is there city water available or is a well necessary? (if well, check with neighbors for depth of their well)
  • Will your electric service be overhead or underground?  Is it necessary for the electric company to set additional poles or a transformer?  (contact power company)
  • Is natural gas available or will you use LP?
  • Research deed restrictions.  Some requirements may add additional expenses such as roof pitches, square footage minimums, sidewalks, paved driveway, brick, etc. (not getting this information could slow down the process)
  • Research zoning requirements to include set backs and side yard requirements
  • Are there any easements or right-of-ways granted?  (this could include underground gas or electric extensions)
  • Is a culvert needed?  If so, what size?
  • Are there any items that will need cleared or removed from the property? (trees, structures, etc.)
  • Has the property been mined or stripped?  Engineering may be needed on reclaimed ground.  (the Department of Mining and Reclamation can assist you)
  • Any evidence of high water table? (the Health Department can assist you)
  • Has the property ever been farmed?  Field tile may have been installed and may have to be rerouted.
  • Is there any slope to the property?  If so, how much?  In some cases, benching and/or additional block/fill may be required.
  • Will the garage door be located on the front or the side of the home?  Side load garages should have 30 ft. between the garage and the property line to allow adequate access.
  • Are there any obvious concerns with the property?  This could include standing water, surfacing rock, large trees in the building area.   These items may add additional expenses.

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